• Cleaning Procedures: Cleaning of ironmongery products installed on doors is simple and care should be taken to ensure the process mentioned here is followed. At the time of installation care should be taken that the ironmongery items are not covered by masking tape which has adhesive on it.It is preferred not to apply paint veneer or any form of coat on doors after the ironmongery is installed. Stains on ironmongery if such coats are applied should be cleaned with a non-chlorine-based cleaning agent. Water is the ideal source to be used to clean stains.
    On a periodic basis take a clean piece of cloth and lightly wipe the surface of the product. If a wet application is required only use water and no chlorine-based cleaning agents.
  • Storage: All packed ironmongery to be stored in places that are less than 30 degrees centigrade. It is preferred that ironmongery is not stored in open condition and extremely hot locations at site.
  • Fixings: Please use fixings provided with the ironmongery item. Fixings that are used other than those provided with the ironmongery may cause fire certificate to be void. It can also result in bi metallic corrosion.
  • Installation: All installation is to be made as per the installation instructions provided with the item.
  • Suggested Maintenance Procedures Schedule: We recommend that all fastenings are checked quarterly and tightened in case they have become loose. Grub screws used to fix lever and pull handles need to be tightened once in three months. Drop seals and perimeter seals need to be replaced based on normal wear and tear if any noticed.Electro-mechanical items have test buttons and these need to be activated and tested once in three months.
    Panic devices and external devices need to be operated and checked once in three months. Also access to these doors need to be free without any blockage.